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Results from the 2017 Robert M. Brewer National Dry Stone Walling Competition…

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants.  This year we had 23 competitors from 8 states rebuild 140 feet of rock fence in eight hours!

You can check pictures from the day out by clicking here.


Previous Winners Professional Class

1st Place – Cecil Aguilar – Cynthiana, KY

2nd Place – Isai Trejo – Fayetteville, TN

3rd Place – Ricardo Trejo – Fayetteville, TN

4th Place – Jesus Aguilar – Cynthiana, KY

 Professional Class

1st Place – Lucas Koch – Cottonwood Falls, KS

2nd Place – Brandon Traylor – Spottswood, VA

3rd Place – Alex Miller – Akron, OH

4th Place – Levi Anderson – Shelbyville, KY

5th Place – Chris Cartney – Byron, MN

6th Place – Dane Clark – West Union, OH

 Amateur Class

1st Place – Joe Horacek – Milford, IN

2nd Place – James Heath – Milford, IN

3rd Place – Greg Millar – Milford, IN

 Novice Class

1st Place – Brad Knight – Louisville, KY

2nd Place – Jordan Ford – Newark, OH

3rd Place – Thomas Martin – Milford, IN

 Best Foundations

Isai Trejo – Fayetteville, TN

 Best Coping

Nestor Hernandez – Fayetteville, TN

 Best Use of Stone/Historic Match

Dane Clark – West Union, OH