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Grand Teton National Park Project Update

On behalf of the Dry Stone Conservancy Board and staff, we wish to thank all the partners and DSC-certified drystone masons who are making it possible for our involvement in the Grand Teton National Park, Jenny Lake Trail Renewal Project.

Thank you to the National Park Service and the Grand Teton National Park Foundation for their funding support.  Thank you to the Grand Teton National Park management staff for their project oversight and guidance.  Thank you to the architects, engineers and interpretive teams for the overall site design.  Thank you to McMillen Jacobs Associates for their general construction support of the drystone projects.  Thank you to the Grand Teton trail staff who participated with us.

A special call-out goes to the team of 16 Dry Stone Conservancy certified drystone mentors and masons involved in the assembly of these beautiful drystone structures; it wouldn’t be happening without your talent and skill.  In order of leadership roles and duration on site this year, thank you to: site supervisor Stuart Joynt (KY); mentors Dan Wooley (KY), Richard Tinsley (KY) and Daniel Arabella (MN); and mason/wallers Seth Thomas (KY), Howard Stone (KY), Robert Faraone (RI), Raymond Haas (OR), Alex Miller (OH), Ned Thilo (PA), Brant Watson (OR), Rocky Slaymaker (KS), Zach Goebelt (OH), Torben Larsen (VT), Alex Miller (OH) and Rodney Poynter (KY).

This end-of-2016-season video takes the viewer through the project sites along the eastern edge of Jenny Lake, and features the stonework of and by our partners and masons.  Not all the features are fully constructed; however, be sure to watch this space as our efforts continue in 2017!

To the quiet behind-the-scene folks and those who remain unrecognized, we thank you too.


With gratitude,

Jane Wooley, Project Manager

Dry Stone Conservancy, Executive Director