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9 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Hi I am a beginner in working with dry stone, I would like to receive their news and information about evnetos and books or other sources, greetings and thank you very much

  2. Hi, I am very impressed with the work the DSC does, especially your workshops. As a member of the DSWA of Ireland and I also joined the Stonefoundation is it my goal too, to preserve the traditional skills of stone work.

  3. I have built large stone and rock walls that are done well. You can always pick up new ideas. That is important! John R. Marson Jr. Still learning at 75,but hurry with ideas!

  4. I have built large stone and rock walls that are done well . BUTT, you can always pick up new eyes. That is important! SIGNED: John R. Marson Jr.
    Still learning, BUTT hurry . I am 74, at today’s date.

  5. Would like to learn this dying art! Please let me know when the next beginners workshop is held!

  6. I am glad to see iam not the only 75 year old that is interested in this. I have my first project in mind & hope that I can get started next spring

  7. I have learning how to build stone fences on my bucket list! I really can’t wait for spring 2018 classes

  8. I can’t get your confirm page to work

  9. Please let me know if you will be offering classes in Fall 2018. Our property has a dry stacked stone wall and we are interested in learning how to repair it.

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