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March-May 2012 Workshops

Learn the Craft of Dry-Laid Stone Masonry!
Our first list of Spring workshops are now open for registration.

Introductory Workshops are designed for drystone enthusiasts with little to no previous experience who would like to gain a basic understanding of drystone construction techniques.  The pace will be comfortable and participants will learn the fundamental skills needed to build and repair a typical rock fence or retaining wall.

Advanced and Special Features Workshops are designed for individuals who have already taken an introductory workshop, have mastered the basic skills involved and are ready to take on the challenge of more complicated work.  The pace is a bit more rigorous than that of an introductory workshop.

Download and Print the Workshop Registration Form or read about workshops here.

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Special Spring 2012 Workshop Open

Learn How to Process, Cut & Dress Stone for Drystone Masonry!
First Time Offered
March 3-4, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky

This Advanced Workshop is designed for people who have already taken a workshop and would like to gain some basic skills on how to process, cut, split, shape and finish stone for various commonly-encountered drystone applications.   Participants will be working with hand and power tools.

Every stone has its place, but sometimes it just needs a wee bit of help.  This session will focus on various methods used for processing rough stone for its final purpose.  Learn what hammer to use with what chisel, and the right chisel for the right stone.  Learn how to split stone using hammers, plugs & feathers and a diamond blade saw.  Watch a demonstration on splitting stone using a hydraulic splitter. Discover which chisels create various surface patterns.  Take home tips for tool and equipment maintenance for prolonged use.

Workshop Logistics
This workshop is limited to 6 participants, so we strongly urge you to reply quickly to guarantee your spot.   The workshop will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. both days, beginning with a brief introduction to dry stone masonry construction and safety, followed by two days of hands-on instruction.  Work gloves, safety glasses, chisels and rock or brick hammers will be provided for those who do not already own or plan to buy them in advance of the workshop.  Participants are otherwise encouraged to bring their own hand tools.  Additionally, participants from outside of central Kentucky are asked to bring samples of their local stone for tips on how to work with it.

Download and Print the Workshop Registration Form