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It’s Dry Stone workshop time!

If you dream of the ‘chink chink chink’ sound of a rock hammer forming a stone to meet a wall, then surely you need to be in the Bluegrass in the late days of summer. This fall we are offering 8 events for the beginner and professional dry stone mason.

Dry stone masons can:

  1. Choose between 6 workshops this fall
  2. Take a certification exam
  3. And participate in the 8th Annual National Walling Competition
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Welcome to our newly designed site!

After a couple months of design and tinkering under the hood, we have released our new website. Our goal is to offer the most desired content on our homepage without much fuss and distraction. Here a visitor can find where we have been active recently in dry stone projects, our latest news (such as this!) and of course, the all-important Spring/Fall Workshop schedules & registration.

Let us know what you think and how we can improve our new site.

–the web guy.

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Spring 2011 Workshops

Learn the Craft of Dry-Laid Stone Masonry!
Spring 2011 Workshop Schedule, April – May
View schedule or download registration form

Introductory Workshops
are designed for drystone enthusiasts with little to no previous experience who would like to gain a basic understanding of drystone construction techniques.  The pace will be comfortable and participants will learn the fundamental skills needed to build and repair a typical rock fence or retaining wall.

Advanced and Special Features Workshops
are designed for individuals who have already taken an introductory workshop, have mastered the basic skills involved and are ready to take on the challenge of more complicated work.  The pace is a bit more rigorous than that of an introductory workshop. Continue reading Spring 2011 Workshops