2019 Dry Stone Mason Scholarship


The Dry Stone Conservancy (DSC) is pleased to announce America’s first and only Dry Stone Mason Scholarship.  The Dry Stone Mason Scholarship Fund was established to help meet the growing demand for young, skilled, dry stone masons. 

The Scholarship will cover the applicant’s registration fees for the DSC’s Fall 2019 Certification Preparation Workshop ($400), the National Dry Stone Walling Competition ($50), and the Level 1 Certification Exam ($200).  Successful applicants will receive a maximum total of a $250 reimbursement for travel.  The successful applicant(s) will also be provided room and board for the duration of the week compliments of the DSC.  The total value of the Scholarship is approximately $1,500.  The winning applicant(s) is not guaranteed to pass the certification exams and must, at minimum, successfully complete each aspect of the scholarship (Workshop, Competition, and Exam). The deadline to apply is September 1, 2019.

This year’s Certification Preparation Workshop will take place in Clark County, KY on Wednesday and Thursday, September 25-26.  The special features portion of the Certification Exams will take place on Friday, September 27.  The National Dry Stone Walling Competition will take place on Saturday, September 28.  Finally, the Level 1 timed-test portion of the Certification Exams will take place on Monday, September 30.

The DSC is a publicly supported nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is preserving drystone structures and promoting the craft of drystone masonry—the technique of building rock fences and stone walls without mortar.

The Conservancy's Certification Program, federally registered in 2001, is designed to promote public confidence in dry-laid stone as a desirable building technique and in the skills of certified drystone craftsmen. As a part of this purpose, the DSC conducts training courses to teach generally-accepted international drystone construction standards and maintains a register of DSC-certified independent professional dry stone masons.

The DSC’s certification program is the only certification program developed exclusively for and updated by dry stone craftsmen working in the United States. The program was specifically tailored to the needs of preservationists and professional designers in the United States, including various state transportation and heritage cabinets, and the National Park Service.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Applicant must be between the ages of 17-27

2. Applicant must demonstrate exposure to dry stone masonry using photographs of their own work, work completed in a workshop, or work in collaboration with other masons or organizations. 

3. Student must submit their goals and ambitions within the dry stone masonry industry

4. Student must be a legal resident of the United States

 Application Materials Include:

1. Application Form

2. Photographs of stonework.  Self-portrait is optional.

3. Statement of goals and ambitions

4. Letter of recommendation from at least one professional within the industry


A pdf of the Scholarship Application can be found here.

All applications can be mailed to the DSC Office or emailed to dscadmin@drystone.org

Questions can be directed to dscadmin@drystone.org or 859.266.4807