We have a busy Fall planned!

Introductory Workshops are designed for drystone enthusiasts with little to no previous experience who would like to gain a basic understanding of dry stone construction techniques. The pace will be comfortable and participants will learn the fundamental skills needed to build and repair a typical rock fence or retaining wall.

The Certification Prep Workshop is intended for those who wish to pursue the first level of the DSC’s Certification Program. The workshop will prepare the student for taking their certification exams.

August 21-22 (Wed-Thurs) - Certification Preparation Workshop - Marenakos Rock Center - Issaquah, Washington

August 23-24 (Fri-Sat) - Certification Exams - Marenakos Rock Center - Issaquah, Washington

September 14-15 (Sat-Sun) - Introductory Workshop - Clark County, Kentucky

September 25-26 (Wed-Thur) - Certification Prep Workshop - Clark County, Kentucky.

September 27 & 30 (Fri & Monday) - Certification Special Features and Timed Test Exams - Clark County, Kentucky

September 28 (Sat) - The 13th National Dry Stone Walling Competition - Clark County, Kentucky

October 19-20 (Sat-Sun) - Introductory Workshop - Mercer County, Kentucky

Our workshops tend to sell out quickly. If you find that a workshop is sold out but are interested in being on the wait-list for a workshop in the event of a cancellations contact us at dscadmin@drystone.org

You can make a deposit here. Please note which workshop you are making a deposit for in the notes.

Any questions can be directed to dscadmin@drystone.org

Stay tuned for more announcements. We hope to see you out there.